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Morganite Gemstone for Pink Lovers 

Coloured gemstones such as morganite are becoming very popular. After diamonds, the stunning variety of pink shades make morganite one of the most desirable engagement rings. Morganite was named after an American banker who was also a gem enthusiast called J.Pierpont Morgan. 

We are pleased to announce our stylish range of morganite jewellery. Morganite is usually accompanied by diamonds, and is ideally set in rose gold which compliments the soft pink colours of the morganite. 

Key Facts About Morganite Gemstones 

  • Morganite is part of the beryl family 
  • This gemstone is available in a variety of pretty shades including; pink, rose, and peach. The most popular are rose or pink shades 
  • The luxury gemstone is found in USA, Italy, Brazil, and Zimbabwe 
  • It is sometimes believed that morganite is a Divine Love gemstone, that brings healing, compassion, and promise

How to Give Love and Care to Your Beautiful Morganite Collection 

  • Clean morganite with warm water
  •  Rinse it well with cool clean water
  • To finish, a quick polish with a soft cloth to bring out its beautiful sparkle
  •  Or you can purchase one of our Dazzle Stick's which will clean both your morganite and diamonds 

We would like to invite you all to view our range of morganite jewellery where are knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you with your purchase 


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